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   47-232 Kędzierzyn-Koźle
   ul.Bolesława Śmiałego 4

   Skrytka Pocztowa 19


  Head office:
ul. Bolesława Śmiałego 4
Kędzierzyn-Koźle   Poland

tel.:   +48 77 4838297
fax.: +48 77 4834729

    Teaching Jobs in New School Year

Join LANG team of teachers and you will join a dynamic group of highly motivated and skilled people . The cultural diversity combined with a well organised, efficiently managed language school and a professional and friendly atmosphere create a stimulating and co-operative working environment where you can excel.

Our teacher development system is designed to assist you in creating clear career objectives and development plans, while internal and external training programs will ensure your skills are always ahead of the mark. As innovation is extremely important to the success of LANG, our employees are rewarded for new innovative teaching ideas, devotion to their work and loyalty to school.

Professionalism, involvement and identification with the school are the characteristic qualities of LANG teachers, and we look for those same characteristics in potential employees. If you meet our criteria, we can look forward to share success.
Apply at: lang@lang.edu.pl


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